Monday 17 September 2012


At the 2012 ERC annual free summer coaching, students at the coaching bared their mind on what they think about the work and campaigns of the ERC.

(Alakoto Senior High School, SSS2)

The ERC lesson has impacted a lot of knowledge on students and helped to set our minds ahead on university education. The most benefitting part has been the weekly Career Counseling held on Fridays because this has helped know who I am. We have been mentally prepared for the new academic session. The programme also opens a field of interaction for students from different schools, and I sure would miss some of this new friends and healthy friendly disposition of both students and teachers.

(Tin-Can Island Senior High School, SSS1)

The ERC is established by people who know the worth of education. My joy is over the method of teaching of the teachers who adopted a friendly and interactive atmosphere approach in the classroom. I love interactive classes; almost all students in these summer classes learn and assimilate quickly. Compared to the school situation where the classes are not interactive and the teachers are isolated in their staff rooms and if you don’t understand, fear would never allow you to approach them. Education is the right of everybody. I really thank the ERC and all the people that came together just to make this free coaching come to reality.

(Ojoku Senior High School SSS1)

The ERC lesson is just to prove to the government that without them, we Nigerians can still do something to improve the education system. Imagine a lesson, where you will just come write your name and go inside your classroom, wow! I don’t think there is a thing like this in the country, but here I am learning for free, it doesn’t matter the type of place. I want to say a big thank you to all those of you who made this lesson a success. And also want to use this opportunity to tell all my fellow SSS1 students to be focused, rely on your books and studies alone, marry your books and be sure the sky is your limit. We cannot afford to disappoint the ERC people who have put this initiative together given all the sacrifice and time they have freely invested.

(Oshodi Senior Secondary School, SSS1)

All I want is for government is to take a cue from ERC and appreciate them, not alone appreciating them but to provide basic support like writing materials, equipment for teaching and other instruments and to prove to us that education is free.

(Alakoto Senior High School, SSS2)

E -        Education is light and right for all
R -       Readiness to work is our goal
C -       Conquering failure is possible when all can work together
L -        Laying down good example for government to follow and make education free for all
E -        Education is the best legacy and all deserves a shot at it
S -        Struggle and solidarity with one another is the key to success
S -        Studying hard comes first and then leisure
O -       Obeying rules of learning requires that they must not be forcefully enforced
N -       No one should be denied access to education because they are poor.

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