Saturday 15 September 2012

By Hope Patrick, S.S.S 1 student of Living World Brainers School
A participant at the ERC Free summer coaching for the year 2012

The ERC lesson
Comes freely every season
To students who are willing to grow mentally

We attend it as an adventure
But secretly for the help of our future
While teachers gives us an educational posture
We are willing to take it as a pleasure

We are being set in a position
In which we must achieve a vision
To go in the way of our direction
And obtain a successful ambition

They teach us to be polite
And our faces filled with delight
These are just our few highlights
Education is our right

Every bit we do enjoy
Our hearts filled with happiness and joy
We are now big girls and boys
We can no more play with toys

Education must not be a privilege
This we must acknowledge
We are deeply encouraged
Never filled with hate and rage

The teachers are ready to sacrifice
And give us some useful tips of advice
They make us understand we are the lord’s device
He has appointed us and there is no wasting of time

They are ever willing to teach
Like a pastor who is devoted to preach
They nurture us like trees of peach
Cause one day we will go beyond their reach

Education Rights Campaign
Has no pain but filled with gain
We will surely achieve our aim
We will never bring them down to shame.

They make us understand that life is an adventure explore it
Life is a goal achieve it
If we believe we will defeat
We are the leaders of tomorrow
So we must show them that we are able to achieve our aim

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