Wednesday 3 April 2013

NEWS FLASH !!! June 16 Day of Action: Info Needed

Hello everyone! The Education Rights Campaign (ERC) has renewed its campaign against education underfunding, attack on democratic rights and fee hike. Last year we had a day of action on October 1st 2012 with impressive turnout at the University of Ibadan (U.I) and a few other places. This year we want to succeed far more in telling the government a big NO TO ALL ANTI-POOR EDUCATION POLICIES! 

So we are mobilising towards a new day of action on June 16, 2013. This will involve lecture boycotts and mass protests on campuses and on the streets to call government's attention to the deplorable condition of public education and the need to use our collective wealth to fund education adequately.

However we need the help of everyone now. We want to collate a comprehensive list of cases of current hike in school fees, cases of suspension, expulsion, rustication and arrest/detention of students and staff union activists, cases of ban of independent unionism etc on campuses and in schools. We want to gather all these together over the next two weeks in other to make a strong case to back up this campaign. 

So if you are from a school where fees have been recently hiked or union leaders/activists victimised or your union has been banned, please write to or leave a comment under this post. Please include the name of the school, the full names of those involved if it is a case of victimisation you are reporting, as well as other factual details that can help us verify the veracity of your information. If it is a case of fee hike, we will like detailed information about the previous fee regime and the new hike as well as any other valuable details.

Don't forget to also drop your phone number and E-mail address through which we can contact you if need be. You can also call 07033697259 if you would like to help the campaign in any other way.


Free and functional education is a right! Not Privilege!!

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