Wednesday 24 August 2016


Prof. Gbadegesin-led management of LAUTECH must re-open the university and restore the suspended students’ union without further delay!

*For Adequate and proper funding of LAUTECH and POLYIBADAN!

Press statement

The Education Rights Campaign (ERC),Oyo State Chapter strongly decries and condemns the increasing rate of interference of  managements of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, Ogbomosho and the Polytechnic of Ibadan in the day to day running of students union activities at the respective institutions.

Recently, the Prof. Gbadegesin-led management of LAUTECH arbitrarily  suspended the activities of the students’ union of the institution for protesting the deplorable welfare condition of students in the institution while Prof. Fawole-led management of the Polytechnic of Ibadan also dissolved the democratically elected leadership of  students’ union.

We demand the immediate restoration of independent students unionism in both institutions and immediate reopening of LAUTECH. Also, the ERC condemns the continuous poor funding of LAUTECH by the APC-led governments in Osun and Oyo States. The ERC decries the poor funding of LAUTECH and also POLYIBADAN because  it is responsible for the prevailing poor welfare condition of both workers and students as well as inadequate facilities in these institutions. Except the crisis of poor funding of these institutions is solved, the incessant industrial disputes and students protests that often lead to the disruptions of the academic activities will continue unabated.

Among the excuses the Fawole-led management of the Polytechnic Ibadan advanced to justify its action is the alleged misappropriation of the union’s fund by the students’ leaders. The entire leadership of the union except the Public Relation Officer (PRO) were alleged of embezzling union money worth millions of Naira. No doubt, the alleged conduct of the affected students is highly condemnable. However, the unilateral action of the management to dissolve the entire executives including the PRO, who was exonerated from the corruption cases  without allowing students and necessary organs of the union to exercise the democratic power conferred by the constitution of the union to deal with the situation, is clearly undue interference in independent students unionism by the school management.

To us in the ERC, both the management and anti-poor politicians outside the campus are responsible for entrenching the corruption and disorientation that now bedevils the students’ movement today. For instance, most managements of tertiary institutions including LAUTECH and POLY IBADAN are guilty of the inglorious act in which students union leaders are often bribed with money in the bid to prevent mass protest and resistance of students against poor welfare conditions and anti-poor policies like increase in school fees. This is against the background of the  failure of successive governments to ensure adequate and proper funding of these institutions. It is in the same vein that the capitalist politicians regardless of their party affiliations also contribute largely to the growing trend of corruption among students leaders today especially when they induce and bribe them with public money towards achieving their self-serving political agenda.

Independent and mass based students’ unionism is an inalienable right of every Nigeria students. This is supported by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. So the ERC believes that it is criminal for any management of any institution to indulge in interference including the act of suspending the activities of the students union under whatever guise.

It is in view of this that ERC describes the suspension of the activities of LAUTECH by the Prof. Gbadegesin-led management of the institution and dissolution of the leadership of the Students Union of the Polytehnic Ibadan by the Prof. Fawole-led management as infringements of the democratic rights of students who are members of these unions.

In conclusion, the ERC calls on pro-masses organizations, trade unions and the general public to prevail on Senator Ajimobi and Aregbesola-governments of Oyo and Osun respectively to adequately fund education at all levels (from primary schools to tertiary institutions) in both states. We also call on the Prof Gbadegesin-led management of LAUTECH to open the university without no further delay.

Segun Ogun
ERC, Oyo State Coordinator

Sunday 14 August 2016


We demand immediate and unconditional recall of students’ leaders, restoration of independent students’ unionism and halt to all attacks on the democratic rights of students

Press Statement
The Education Rights Campaign (ERC) strongly condemns the rustication of students’ union leaders at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) for their role in leading fellow students to protest on April 6 and 7, 2016 against the deplorable welfare situation, epileptic power and water supply and high cost of living on campus.

We call on UNILAG students not to take this attack on their democratic rights lying low. The right to peacefully protest is a fundamental human right. When this is taken away, then students would be no  more than slaves. Therefore students should rise up in mass protest and demonstration to demand the immediate and unconditional recall of their rusticated leaders and lifting of the suspension placed on Students Union activities since the April protest.

The President, Mohammed Olaniyan and the Speaker, Adeonipekun Adeyanju of the University of Lagos Students’ Union (ULSU) along with several other activists were rusticated for between two (2) and four (4) semesters each. This is on the heels of the suspension of Union activities, ban of meetings and gatherings and other attacks on the democratic rights of students since April 2016.

No doubt, the rustication is an attempt by the authorities to claw back the right to students’ unionism which UNILAG students just won back less than 2 years ago after a decade of proscription. In carrying out the rustication, the University relied heavily on contrived and concocted allegations, many of which that had no bearing to the triple issues of poor welfare conditions, epileptic power and water supply and high cost of living for which the mass of Unilag students trooped out in protest on April 6 and 7, 2016. Against this background, we call on students to reject the rustication with protests, boycotts and demonstrations.

As far as we are concerned, all of the steps taken to violate students’ democratic rights since the April 6 and 7 protest only go to portray the Prof. Rahman Bello-led management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) as an intolerant and despotic authority.

By rusticating students’ leaders for demanding better welfare conditions, UNILAG is sending a clear message that it considers students as no more than slaves who must not dare to speak up when oppressed and exploited. At this rate, and if the authorities are not challenged, very soon students would lose all fundamental rights accorded by the 1999 constitution (As amended). And where students are successfully enslaved, very soon workers would lose their own freedom as well. This is why the silence of the staff unions in the face of the creeping dictatorship of the UNILAG authorities is dangerous because once the authorities are able to cow students; they could visit similar attacks on academic and non-academic staff anytime they demand their rights.

We therefore call on ASUU, SSANU, NASU and NAAT to speak up in condemnation of the rustication of the students union leaders. As experience has shown, it is the collective mobilization and uprising of students supported by workers that can reverse this despotic situation developing at the University of Lagos.

Hassan Taiwo Soweto                                            Michael Ogundele                          
National Coordinator (07033697259)                 National Secretary          

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Oyo State School of Hygiene is Fraud

Oyo State Ministry of Health Must Be Investigated
For participation of School of Hygiene Graduates in NYSC

I think it is high time I finally show my discontentment over the long-term fraud of the Oyo State Government and the Oyo State Ministry of Health over School of Hygiene Eleyele, Ibadan.

In 2012 and 2014 respectively, I wrote against the deplorable state of the School of Hygiene and the undemocratic attack of the Oyo State Government, Oyo State Ministry of Health and the Management of the Oyo State School of Hygiene on the students of the institution. This was based on the undemocratic decision of the School Management to deny the students body in the school the right to hold a public symposium to discuss the plight of the students which ranged from lack of conducive living and learning environment, the nook and cranny of the campus and halls of residence are in a disgraceful and deplorable state, toilets are archaic and an eyesore, drainages are blocked and no reliable sources of water supply and when water is occasionally supplied, it is often not hygienic and safe for consumption. This then explain why students are always exposed to water borne diseases which affect their academic output.

Also I explained how the Oyo State government and the school management forced students from poor working class background to pay outrageous and exorbitant fees. To be clear, the exorbitant fees is a graphic reflection of the anti-poor disposition of the Ajimobi government - a government which has attacked the human rights of the working people many times and which cannot afford to pay just common eighteen thousand (#18,000) minimum wage. And despite all these exorbitant charges by the Oyo State government, graduates of the department of environmental health, School of Hygiene Eleyele Ibadan who spent four years on campus are not mobilized for NYSC. This state of affairs has been a huge challenge on the side of the graduates who spent years without anything to show for it. I happen to be one of the graduates.

Most painful is that graduates from the department of Environmental Health are being denied employment in every sector because they were not mobilized for NYSC. After I released the articles in 2012 and 2014, they were published by major news papers. HoweverHow instead of the state government to find a lasting solution to the problem on this campus, the state government sent for the arrest and detention of the person who wrote the article. The state government and some elements paid the then union president to refute the article published and lied that the government had done everything to improve the standard of school of hygiene.

Afterward, the so-called exclusion letter of NYSC was given to the students of the department of Environmental Health. This is just a gimmick that makes no difference or makes no meaning. Thus I want to make clear that only this year, because of the issue of NYSC, I have been denied of two empowerment loans and four different job opportunities, and this is also applicable to other graduates of the department of Environmental Health in School of Hygiene.

The ex-students of the School Hygiene must not resign to fate; we must fight for our rights in order to secure our future. The current students of the school of hygiene are incoming victims of this career-killing policy. So, I call on them to join the ex-students of the school in a campaign to demand the participation in the NYSC. The school management and Oyo state Ministry of Health are only interested in collecting outrageous fees from students without bothering about the future and careers of the students. It would require this campaign to force them to act and justify collection of huge fees collected and certificates awarded to us.    

Daniel Oluwafiayokemi Akande, member of the Education Rights Campaign (ERC), writes from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. He can be reached through 08034730340 and

Monday 1 August 2016


The ERC FREE COACHING, being the eleventh edition, commenced on25 July, 2016 at in Anglican Primary School, Ajegunle by 09:00am while members of DSM/ERC and volunteer teachers had been available around 07:45am to tidy up the classrooms .

About one hundred students from different public and private schools in the community were in attendance. All of the students  registered their names and schools in the DAILY ATTENDANT REGISTER as they walked in the school premise, which has been a routine in the lesson.
Also, parents, residents and passers-by who came around to acquire about the program for their children to attend, did appreciate the effort put in place by the Education Rights Campaign for organizing such a program in the community.

Subjects like Mathematics, English Language, and Biology etc. were all taken; with a total number of six periods being the opening day of the lesson. The numbers of Volunteer Teachers including members of DSM/ERC in the opening day of the coaching were ten in number.

Around 12:15pm there was an interactive session with the one hundred students in a classroom about what ERC is all about and the purpose of why the lesson was initiated by ERC to prove free quality education is possible in Nigeria and why it is their right to aceess free and quality education was put forward by comrades and  Volunteer Teachers respectively who support the philosophy of the campaign for free and quality education in Nigeria.

It was also stated to the students the objective of the coaching is to serve as a platform to highlight challenges confronting the educational sector and campaign for adequate investment in public education

Still in the interactive session, students were also persuaded to take their studies seriously at all-time most especially when preparing for an exam. Some of the Volunteer Teachers who spoke did re-emphasis the need why students attending this year free coaching

The objective of the Education Rights Campaign and the purpose of the coaching were made known to students and the role of ERC in students struggle against the underfunding of public education by the government. Students were also advised to be disciplined in the whole weeks the lesson will last