Wednesday 15 August 2012


2nd Week Started on an Interesting Note
By Davinovich

This is the second day on the week two of the ERC free holiday coaching organized for students in the Ajegunle environ for this third term holiday in order to actively engage them with academic activities.

Today’s exercise recorded one of the highest attendance figures so far in the coaching. Students in attendance were 247 while teachers were 12 in number. The reason for this is because many of the students have continued to pass across information of the ERC free holiday to their friends, brothers and sisters in the ghetto community of Ajegunle.

As a matter of fact, two persons from within the community came to verify whether such a free coaching was true or not. One of them named Gwawoh O. Robert (a graduate of Ambrose Ali University (AAU) said that when his younger brother who attends the coaching told him that it is “free” he was surprised and for this reason he decided to come down to see for himself.

Convinced that it was true, Mr. Robert has resolved to start teaching accounting at the coaching as a volunteer teacher. This is an inspiring addition to our dedicated team of volunteer teachers.

Before rounding up today, the Coaching coordinator in a brief statement urged the students to always be punctual and also take their studies very seriously in order to have a better future.

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