Monday 13 August 2012

ERC’s FREE HOLIDAY LESSON 2012: A Participant’s View

By Ocho Simon
Secondary School student and member of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), Ajegunle

In Ajegunle community of Lagos State, the Education Rights Campaign (ERC)- a fighting organization that always without compromise campaign for free, quality education for every citizen of the country - has deemed it fit to continue the campaign in the rank and file of the poor people for adequate funding of education by organizing this year’s edition of ‘Free summer coaching’. 

Available statistics from the United Nation Development Program (UNDP) shows that Nigeria has literacy rate of just 66.6%, while UNESCO in their report also state that any developing country/nation should budget at least 26% for education. The reason for this is that education is the brain behind any country’s development and civilization. Education helps to empower the human mind to explore the material benefit of this world; but in the case of Nigeria education only a back-cover page without any content.

Ajegunle – a community of poor working class people and unemployed – proves the case for adequate education funding. Many parents are unable to meet the basic needs of their children including the ability to pay for the cost of coaching during the annual summer holiday for school children.

As part of activities to identify with daily struggle of the working people in the community and promote their interest, this organization has been consistently every year organized free coaching summer lesson usually organized for students of SS I to SS III from within Ajegunle and its environ.

Within the ten weeks or more of the holiday, the ERC free summer coaching will take place for about six to eight weeks to intellectually keep students busy with this initiative in the community by engaging them with learning academically, socially for the benefit of enriching their life experiences in every fields of life. Also, subjects like Art, Science, and Commercial are taken to keep the students properly informed consciously.

Since its inception, the ERC’s free summer lesson has always been applauded success by the vast majority of the people living this community called ghetto. The 2011 recorded a huge plus where parents came to testify to the great work of the ERC in keeping their sons and daughters engaged by telling the importance of education and what basically education can do in human life both in thinking and learning.

During the 2011 free holiday lesson, there was career and counseling which held every Friday and where topics were taken that covers education, life, youth, crime and society etc in order to enhance students’ experiences by bringing them to lime-light of enlightenment; and make them see motives of why education shouldn’t be do-away-thing in their career and life in the future.

In this 2012 school vacation for students in the month of August to September, the ERC is repeating the same exercise by organizing the free coaching holiday lesson starting from August 6th in one of the primary school named ANGLICAN PRIMARY SCHOOL in the Ajegunle ghetto community. And the time of the lesson is 9am-1pm Monday to Friday. The free holiday lesson is part of the activities of ERC to campaign for free and functional education

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