Thursday 17 March 2016

ERC LASU Holds Sensitization Activity

Today Thursday March 17 at the Lagos State University (LASU), Education Rights Campaign (ERC) members circulated 2000 copies of leaflet to sensitize students about the need to build a movement to defend the right to public education. For most of the branch members, this was their first political action. Great response from students! We won three new contacts. Great days ahead for ERC LASU. We are looking to expand membership over the next few months. So if you are willing to join and participate in future meetings and activities, call 08127350876 and 07062548053. We meet fortnightly on Fridays by 2:30pm at Law Faculty Reading Room. Next meeting date is Friday 25 March 2016. You can also join us in the group "ERC LASU Chapter" on WhatsApp. Remember that free and quality public education is a right, not privilege

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