Friday 3 November 2017


Please refer to the statement dated 24/10/2017 issued by the Education Rights Campaign, ACE Chapter, rejecting the #1,200 extra fees for POST UTME screening charged by the ACE management and the response of the Provost of the college thereafter. The Organization hereby clarifies the college management and the entire college community the basis of the statement and our position.

Education Rights Campaign, ERC, is a platform of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) formed in 2004 to campaign for a free, functional, public-funded and democratically-managed education sector. It is a non-profit, principled and independent organization which has been in existence for more than a decade now across campuses in Nigeria with an enviable track record and antecedence. As such we can never be “teleguided” or “sponsored”.

On the 23rd of October, 2017, the POST UTME screening candidates of the institution received a notification on their private portals indicating they have to pay a sum of One thousand naira (#1,000) for result verification before proceeding to print their registration slips. The notification reads; “pay 1000.00NGN only for your result verification, before proceeding to print your Exam slip”. ERC also noted that this is the only information provided by the college management for the consumption of the general public.

Upon receiving information from the candidates about this notification, the ERC took pains to verify it by actually checking the portal of a number of the candidates. If the information was found in the portal of just one or two candidates, perhaps there could have been a reason to doubt its authenticity. But in each of the portals of the several numbers of candidates we discussed with, we saw the same message asking candidates to pay the sum of N1, 000 before proceeding to print exam slip. So in every way, we sought “clarifications” and confirmed the information before “hitting the button”.

It was only after duly verifying the notification via candidates’ portal and convinced that this would amount to charging candidates above the N2, 000 thresh-hold as mandated by JAMB that we issued the public statement. Needless to stress, the aim of the public statement was not “a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of the Institution” but to call the attention of the management to an issue that was bothering the minds of candidates and students.

In this regard we wish to commend the Provost Olukoya Ogen (PhD) who personally responded by E-mail to our statement concerning the subject matter. In his response, the Provost explained the reasons for charging the N1000 fee which is for the procurement of WAEC and NECO scratch cards in order to verify candidate’s O’ Level certificates. Other details that emerged from the Provost response also included the fact that candidates are free to buy their scratch cards by themselves and submit this to the officials. Such candidates need not pay the N1, 000 verification fee. Interestingly these very important details were not included in the notification on the candidates’ portal. All that was in the notification was the instruction that candidates should “pay 1000.00NGN only for your result verification, before proceeding to print your Exam slip”.

We recommend in future that the College management should endeavor to put out detailed bulletin to avoid misinterpretation and confusion. If the notification about the N1, 000 result verification fee had been communicated via a detailed bulletin, most likely the facts of the matter would have been more explicit than it is in the present case.

We acknowledge the fact that college provost, Prof. Olukoya Ogen, clarified the reasons for the #1,000 in response to the statement from ERC. However, we of ERC believe that such a clarification should be made public so that the candidates and the generality of the College community can be clarified. Again we must stress that it is essential that the college management, at every point in time, release clear and unambiguous notifications and information for the consumption of the general public using all available media, including the school website and circular.

We of ERC are not interested in tarnishing the image of the College or of any person or group of persons We are open-minded and ready to work with anyone that agrees with our manifesto in the campaign for a free, functional, public-funded, and democratically-managed education sector.
We are satisfied today that not only did the statement draw the attention of the Provost to the issue; also we are aware that the management has now asked candidates who can procure the scratch cards by themselves to do so without having to pay the N1, 000 verification fee.  
We hereby thank the College management for having a listening ear. We shall continue to do our best in contributing our quota to the progress and development of Adeyemi College of Education (ACE) Ondo through positive criticism and advocacy on issues that affects the rights of students and education workers.
Olotu Wole Prof.


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