Monday 1 August 2016


The ERC FREE COACHING, being the eleventh edition, commenced on25 July, 2016 at in Anglican Primary School, Ajegunle by 09:00am while members of DSM/ERC and volunteer teachers had been available around 07:45am to tidy up the classrooms .

About one hundred students from different public and private schools in the community were in attendance. All of the students  registered their names and schools in the DAILY ATTENDANT REGISTER as they walked in the school premise, which has been a routine in the lesson.
Also, parents, residents and passers-by who came around to acquire about the program for their children to attend, did appreciate the effort put in place by the Education Rights Campaign for organizing such a program in the community.

Subjects like Mathematics, English Language, and Biology etc. were all taken; with a total number of six periods being the opening day of the lesson. The numbers of Volunteer Teachers including members of DSM/ERC in the opening day of the coaching were ten in number.

Around 12:15pm there was an interactive session with the one hundred students in a classroom about what ERC is all about and the purpose of why the lesson was initiated by ERC to prove free quality education is possible in Nigeria and why it is their right to aceess free and quality education was put forward by comrades and  Volunteer Teachers respectively who support the philosophy of the campaign for free and quality education in Nigeria.

It was also stated to the students the objective of the coaching is to serve as a platform to highlight challenges confronting the educational sector and campaign for adequate investment in public education

Still in the interactive session, students were also persuaded to take their studies seriously at all-time most especially when preparing for an exam. Some of the Volunteer Teachers who spoke did re-emphasis the need why students attending this year free coaching

The objective of the Education Rights Campaign and the purpose of the coaching were made known to students and the role of ERC in students struggle against the underfunding of public education by the government. Students were also advised to be disciplined in the whole weeks the lesson will last

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